ZombieMania, by Tom Ward

‘Please Please Me’ had ridden the top of the charts for its thirtieth week and once again there were several hundred bodies outside the hotel; moans of “Beeeaaaattttlllleeeesssssssss” and “Braaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnssssss” reached the window of the boy’s suite. It was hard work being the biggest band in England, having to sneak out back doors of venues and being chased through the streets by the shambling corpses of rabid fans.

But there was a show tonight…

“Once more into the breach…” said John as the fab four forced their way out through the hotel door, swinging guitar cases and dodging biting cadavers.


Tom Ward is an aspiring writer from Liverpool where he enjoys comic books, reviews unsigned punk bands on his blog http://freepunkrock.tumblr.com/ and complains to anyone who will listen how all the best tv shows get cancelled.

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