The Grassy Knoll, by William Wood

Agent Oswald scanned the crowd from the Depository window, using the rifle’s scope as needed to clear potential threats. His view was good, both of the throngs of people and creeping motorcade.He’d never understand politics. The outbreak was spreading like wildfire all across the country and no one knew who would turn next. Insanity.

Lancer waved at the crowd, exposed in the car like a damned fool.

Oswald removed his finger from the trigger guard, sweeping the sight across the President. In the scope, Lace’s hand clawed Lancer’s shoulder. He dropped as her teeth tore his neck.

Two shots.


William R.D. Wood lives in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley in an old farmhouse turned backwards to the road. His profound love of horror and science fiction routinely leads him to destroy the world, whether by alien artifact, zombie apocalypse or teddy bear.

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