Parallel Zombie History (Editorial)

Happy Halloween.
Beware of zombies. At all times.

The undead are with us.

They have clawed their way across the face of human history since the ancient times, and have left their mark upon the eons.

We have here for your perusal, twenty-two accounts of how the undead have gnawed across the pages of history from Ancient Egypt to Marquis DeSade. From the the Book of the Undead to the Necronomicon. Famous events, like the Beatles on tour, the Lizzie Borden case, and JFK in Dallas; to more recent events have been visited by our alternate zombie history authors.

There’s something here for all fans of zombie fiction. Past, present, and even some future history collide with the flesh and brain consuming undead hordes.


And Happy Halloween from The Were-Traveler.

“Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her father forty whacks…”

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