Lt. General John Bell Hood’s Last Day, by Michele Cacano

Lt. General Hood surveyed the battlefield, swallowing a lump.

“So many men…”

Try as he might, he’d been unable to overcome Sherman’s army.

While tallying the dead, Hood saw movement twenty yards away: a soldier, trying to sit up.

“Good God!” Hood yelled. “Medic! Soldier–”

Hood felt the blood rush from his head. He tried to make sense of the gaping hole in the man’s chest.

“Cannon fire,” Hood thought. “How in God’s name?”

Hood tripped, scrambling away from grasping hands.

“God in Heaven, deliver me!”

This prayer, too, went unanswered, as fallen soldiers closed in, devouring their defeated commander.


Michele Cacano is an avid fan of the supernatural in books, movies, and real life. Despite being plagued by zombies regularly in her dreams, she lives happily in Seattle with her husband. Her primary career as a massage therapist allows her time for many interests and goals. She regularly hosts a local writer’s critique group and often volunteers in the arts. She recently began a new blog, on her writing life, titled “A Dream and a Scream”, which can be found here: She also has a facebook page for her forthcoming zombie apocalypse novel at

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