Issue 5: The Historical Undead: Alternate History Zombies

Parallel Zombie History, by Maria Kelly (Editorial Page)

The First Book of the Dead, by Kevin Hoffman (Short Story)

A Better World, by T. Fox Dunham (Short Story)

Zombie Gonzo, by Reed Beebe (Flash)

Lt. General John Bell Hood’s Last Day, by Michele Cacano (Drabble)

Revenants in Warfare, by Matt Mitrovich (Flash)

Let Them Eat…BRAINS! by Kenneth Shand (Flash)

ZombieMania, by Tom Ward (Drabble)

Yes, Wonderful Things, by Daniel Ritter (Short Story)

It Begins, by Larry Kollar (Microfic)

Shambler, by Jay Wilburn (Flash)

The Grassy Knoll, by William Wood (Drabble)

The Clothed Heart, by Chris Castle (Short Story)

The Grave, by Audiowriter (Drabble)

Ruthless Mercy, by Kara Kreswell (Short Story)

Expedition Through The Great Sandy Desert, by Bayard Tarpley (Microfic)

Forty, by Maria Kelly (Short Story)

Zombie Mnemonic, by Reed Beebe (Poem)

The Deadlist, by Melanie Browne (Flash)

Nazi Doomsday, by Tim Tobin (Short Story)

Pilgrim’s Plague, by Michele Cacano (Microfic)

Inside,  by David Edward Nell (Flash)

Scapegoat, by Justin Elliott & Nathan Drake (Short Story)

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