Expedition Through The Great Sandy Desert, by Bayard Tarpley

April 5, 1848 –

Of all the places, Darling Downs. We never even made it to the desert. We reached what we originally thought to be a tribe of Aborigines, but their skin was not dark by nature, but by death. Their eyes were clouded, and they were apparently nearly blind. Some had injuries that would have knocked the most masochistic pugilists I know unconscious. I write this bleeding, as the bastards bit me; though not before mutilating the rest of the party and engaging in raw cannibalism. I escaped, though not by much, and for whatever reason they seemed satisfied to leave me be. I am exhausted, will write more about the event tomorrow.



Bayard Tarpley is a Scottish-American writer currently living in England. His life back and forth across the Atlantic has also led to a life back and forth between genres, and a refusal to settle down in one. He currently posts his work at findingmyit.tumblr.com

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