The Silence, by Rebecca L. Dobbie

On the outskirts of town, sitting back from the road and partially concealed by overgrowth, the house stood in various states of disrepair. Once a splendid home it had long being abandoned and left to decay.

It was not abandoned any longer. A dozen or so cars were parked haphazardly across the lawn and the flickering light in the windows suggested candles littered the rooms. Loud music and rowdy, drunken antics invaded the night.

Alexandra Vargas watched. She would taste the blood of revenge this night. The screams of those who had wronged her would reverberate around the city night, haunting the sleeping neighbour’s nightmares to linger in their memories for rest of their human lives.


The phone rang. Sophie leant over the pile of textbooks and term papers to turn down the stereo and pick up the handset.

‘Hello Alexis,’ said Sophie with a smile.

‘How did you know it was me?’

‘Who else would call at one in the morning?’ Sophie said. ‘Bloody Vampires,’ she added with a soft giggle.

‘Sorry. Were you sleeping?’ Alexis asked, her tone suggesting she didn’t care but Sophie knew better. Alexandra rarely sounded anything but bored.

‘It’s finals. Is there a college kid in the world sleeping right now?’

‘I’m over two hundred years old. Would I care?’

Sophie laughed. ‘You try so hard to be a badass.’

‘I’m a vampire Sophie. I don’t need to try. Badass comes with the territory.’

‘I know you’re all mushy on the inside.’

‘Keep it to yourself. I can’t have mushy vampire rumours around town. I’d never be able to lift my head at a vampire gathering again.’ Alexis chastised but Sophie could hear the smile on the vampire’s stone cold features. ‘You better get back to those books. I’ll be home tomorrow night,’ Alexis said.

‘Really? You’ve been gone for ages. I thought it was a quick job?’

‘There were some…complications.’

‘You won’t be elaborating will you?’ Sophie sighed. Vamps and their well guarded secrets, she thought.

‘So, you ready for an un-dead house guest again?’

‘Why wouldn’t I be?’ Sophie frowned.

‘You might have met someone or gotten a new roommate who won’t be as cool about the un-dead thing as you are.’

‘If I’d met someone that special I’d have rung you to gush about how fantastic he is. And I would never take an un-dead racist roommate.’ Sophie said.

‘You’re so funny,’ Alexis said in her usual bored tone which of course Sophie found even more amusing.

‘Seriously, I can’t wait for you to get here. It’s so dull without your sunny disposition and sense of humour,’ Sophie teased.

‘Get back to work you silly child. I shall see you tomorrow evening.’

‘Yes, you terrifying monster of the night. Love you and see you tomorrow.’

Alexis growled, revealing her terrifying nature and Sophie laughed, hanging up. Sophie missed her brooding, fanged friend.


Alexis shifted gears and pushed the sports car a little harder, her thoughts already back at Sophie’s tiny apartment. For some reason she felt a desperate need to see the girl was safe. A nagging worry ate at her and she drove even faster.

Alexis had long wandered the Earth in relative silence until she’d met the young woman. Sophie’s inclusion in her life was akin to being deaf and suddenly hearing for the first time. Where there was once silence the world became vibrant, colourful and full of music of which Alexis had been completely unaware.

Sophie had transformed the vampire and Alexis had resisted the changes, at first. But the girl had a way about her that touched a part of the immortal creature. Parts Alexis had thought long dead with her body. She’d learnt a very valuable lesson from the young woman. A physical beating heart was not needed to have a feeling and loving one.

Alexis often wondered what her existence would be like if she’d not saved the girl from the sadistic human male intent on violating her. Sophie, sixteen at the time and shaken by her ordeal, witnessed what Alexis did to the man and still had not been afraid of the vampire. Sophie saw beyond the monster.

With the sports car easily chewing up the miles Alexis had to be honest. Sophie terrified her. More so the way Alexis felt for her and the inevitable pain and grief she would eventually feel when Sophie passed. She was, after all, only human. Be it an accident, health or violence, at some point Sophie would be gone and so would the music. The silence would return leaving Alexis in its dark clasp again.

Alexis finally arrived at the apartment. She pulled into Sophie’s allocated parking space and maintaining a human pace she went to the door. She knocked, impatient to see Sophie safe and well.

Alexis’s anxiety gnawed at her further as the door remained unanswered. Alexis tried the door, finding it locked. Something was very wrong. She broke the deadbolt and pushed the door open. Alexis knew what she would find. A part of her had always tried to warn her this day would come.

The apartment was trashed. There had been a violent struggle and sure enough she found Sophie in the bedroom. The moment Alexis saw Sophie’s battered and lifeless body the darkness descended. The music was gone.

Alexis knelt down beside her friend, covering the girl who deserved more than being left naked and destroyed. Alexis roared with outrage and pain. The sound of hell bent revenge ripped from her throat.


Weighed down with grief and guilt but intent on hunting down the ones responsible Alexis followed the scent of Sophie’s killers. She’d smelt five human male on Sophie’s brutalised body. She tracked them to where the group had separated not long after the attack, heading to different locations.

The hunt was far too easy and did not satisfy Alexis’s craving for bloody revenge.

The first killer was found at his home, showering away Sophie’s blood. His blood splattered clothing sat in a discarded pile on the floor, staining the bath mat. Blood seeped from the wet clothing and travelled towards the drain. The sight fuelled Alexis’s rage.

She pulled the terrified naked man from the shower and dragged him screaming from the house, tossing him brutally in the back of a stolen van. She did not bother tying him up. He would not get far even if he ran.

She tracked down three other members of the gang, each having washed away Sophie’s blood as if she were merely dirt to be cleaned from their bodies. Alexis tossed them in to the van like the garbage they were.


Alexis stood outside the decrepit house where the final killer was drinking away his part in an innocent girl’s death. Her four captives were crumpled at her feet, begging, snivelling and pleading for their lives. By this stage they were well aware their kidnapper was not human. Alexis basked in their terror.

‘Move,’ she ordered, her inhuman voice dripping with her seething hatred.

The men stumbled to their feet, petrified and surely aware the ram shackled building would be their murder site.

The party ended quickly once the drunken attendees spotted Alexis and her somewhat bloodied and battered entourage. She had her target in sight, the fifth killer, and she smiled when his pants became stained with urine as she approached him.

Alexis allowed the five men cowering before her to see the real monster. She dropped the human facade and bared her fangs. Her beautiful features twisted in rage as she released an animalistic growl, her eyes those of a pure predator.

‘That girl you killed tonight,’ Alexis spoke. Her voice chilling, mixing with the pathetic cries of her begging prey. ‘You picked the wrong girl.’

Alexis took her time. She lingered, drawing out each death and forcing the remaining men to watch her tear, rip, slice and maim with an unhurried, torturous and deliberate slowness. Their screams of utter agony filled her ears. A symphony with the empty house proving to be the ultimate concert hall, echoing each scream, reverberating the wails of anguish with perfect pitch and harmony.

The neighbourhood was filled with the long drawn out screams of her revenge.

Then there was silence.

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“Then there was silence.”

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  1. I love this, Rebecca! I didn’t feel at all sorry for the young men who got what they deserved. Very well written! (Although, if you decided not to kill Sophie off, Alexis and Sophie would make two terrific characters for a longer YA novel.)

  2. ” Sophie’s inclusion in her life was akin to being deaf and suddenly hearing for the first time. Where there was once silence the world became vibrant, colourful and full of music of which Alexis had been completely unaware.” Lovely sentiments in this. Also
    ” A physical beating heart was not needed to have a feeling and loving one.”
    Truly. And she got hers in the end!

  3. This one deserves to win (and I have an entry in here).

  4. Rebecca L Dobbie

    Wow, thanks everyone. What beautiful comments. You have made this self doubting writer feel very good today…:)

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