Issue 4: Blood Vengeance: Vampyre (Contest Issue)

Welcome, my children, to the 4th issue of The Were-Traveler.

This issue is about thirst and hunger…feeding and drinking. Mmmmm… children of shadows, we have some tasty stories for you in this issue. Blood Vengeance: Vampyre is about our favorite nocturnal predators, and we don’t mean owls.

Blood Vengeance is also a contest. The authors of these stories have a chance to win some cool prizes for their hard work, so be sure and visit the VOTING PAGE to pick your favorite toothy tale.

I’m not sorry I’m not casting a vote myself… all of these stories are fan-bloody-tastic! It would be too hard to pick my favorite. Whether you like classic bloodsuckers or genre-blending vampires, there’s a story for all…ahem…tastes.


Blood Vengeance: Vampyre VOTING PAGE

The End is the Beginning, by Carrie Clevenger

The Silence, by Rebecca L. Dobbie

Foreign Soil, by Andy Goldman

I AM, by Helen Howell

Roses, by Morgan Hyde

Hunter and Trapp, by Larry Kollar

Hell’s Gate, by Daniel Ritter

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  1. I’ve sent all the stories to my Kindle (via Readability). I know what I’ll be reading tonight!

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