Issue 3: Deadly Love

“Love me…or else…Die!”

That’s the theme of this special issue for Valentine’s Day. The stories in this issue are about love. The kind that lasts forever. ‘Til DEATH do us part, and maybe not even then!

So here are some stories the cynic and the sick creep in us will love.

I have a special place in my twisted heart for all these tales, but my favorite was Helen Howell’s “S.W.A.L.K.” I had trouble sleeping after reading it.

I hope you enjoy these drabbles and micro-fiction stories, and be sure to read stay tuned for the upcoming post about the contest I’m having for the Blood Vengeance: Vampyre issue. And no, I won’t be writing a story for that issue.

Happy Valentine’s Day from The Were-Traveler.

Issue 3: Deadly Love

S.W.A.L.K. (Sealed with a loving kiss), by Helen Howell (drabble)

Carnal Nature, by Catherine Russell (micro-fiction)

Sleeping, by Quinn Smythwood (drabble)

Breaking, by Quinn Smythwood (drabble)

Snapped, by Ramsey Lyons (micro-fiction)

No Regrets, by Emily Wheeler (drabble)

Damned If You Don’t, by Larry Kollar (drabble)

tick…tock, by Maria Kelly (micro-fiction)

I Gave You My Heart, by Jim Bronyaur (drabble)

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