I Gave You My Heart, by Jim Bronyaur

Jim submitted this hundred-word literary poetic piece. I thought it went very nicely with my story. In fact, I made a comment on Twitter that Jim and I are like conjoined twins connected at the same sick brain. 

I gave you my heart,

to take from my chest, you did.

The knife, your nails, the crimson cuts,

as your life became a piece of mine.

Together, we laugher, we cried,

I watch now, through glossy eyes,

I feel what you can see.

I gave you my heart,

you hold it, the slithering chunk it is.

Now I realize, without the beat, there is no life.

The tragedy is not the death, or the missing piece of me.

Rather the place I’m at,




But worse… without you.

You took my heart,

And I’d like it back.

I gave you my heart...

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  1. You’re right. They do go together!

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