Carnal Nature, by Catherine Russell

Her eyes fluttered open to rest upon the lone figure. She stretched, long limbs partially entwined in silken sheets. Sweat from the previous night’s exertions still glistened on her skin.

“Come back to bed, love,” she said, but the shadow remained fixed before the dawn-soaked window.

She extended her legs once more, rising from the bed with fluid grace to stand by his side. Leaning against him, their sweat mingled as their bodies joined once again. Her arms curled around his shoulders.

“It was a mistake,” he whispered.

His chest rose and fell heavily as she stroked his flesh and nuzzled his neck. “How can you say that?” she asked, planting kisses between each word. “It can’t be wrong for us to be together like this.” Her tongue licked salt from his neck, found his jaw, his chin.

“It’s wrong,” he said.

“It’s not wrong for wolves to prey on rabbits; is it?” She took her lover’s face in her hands. “Now that we’re the same, we’ll hunt together. We were meant to share… everything. ” Her hands grabbed his hair, pulling his face down to hers. She sucked his lips, nipping the flesh. His passion rose, breaking free to match her own.

His fingers traced the four long strips torn into her side. Already the wounds were beginning to heal. Despite himself, he longed for the next full moon – with her by his side.

Catherine’s story first appeared January 17th, 2011 at the 52/250: A Year of Flash site.

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  1. That old full moon it’ll get ’em every time. Animal love really deadly! Nice story.

  2. Sensuous and erotic, and a subtle viciousness.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  3. Good story. Good descriptions.Quite an erotic little tale.

  4. Sounds like he couldn’t help himself, and it’s too late now anyway, their futures will be what they will be, together or separate.

  5. Even werewolves need love, the intensity of that love would be something to behold too.

    This put me in mind a little of the love scene in the film “The Howling”.

  6. I like how this is both romantic and erotic at the same time. Great writing!

  7. Sexy. Who doesn’t love a were? I enjoyed that.

  8. Catherine hi! Tight and exciting piece – as always – gotta love the werewolf action..

  9. Interesting take on the werewolf and the meaning of the word ‘carnal’.

  10. I simply love werewolves… A lovely tale..x

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