Issue 2: Creepy Christmas

Welcome to the Creepy Christmas Issue. We’ve got some really twisted yuletide tales for you. Sit back, light the fire, make a cup of hot chocolate, and load the shotgun…Santa’s coming, that fat bastard, and some of us are tired of getting coal!

You’ll like the stories this month. These are stories that dare to ask the hard questions, like: ” If that’s not bats in the belfry, what the hell is it?” or “How does that Angel really feel about being on top of the tree?” and we’ll discover how Santa and the gang has managed to do it all these hundreds of years, and why it’s best NOT to try and catch a glimpse of the jolly fat man on Christmas Eve. As promised, these stories are creepy and at least one of them is both creepy and hilarious. That’s my kind of story, one that can blend horror and humor to such a degree I’m not sure whether to run or laugh.

Happy Holidays from your horror elves at The Were-Traveler!

Issue 2: Creepy Christmas

Up on the Tree Top, by Larry Kollar

Crimson Christmas, by Raven Corinn Carluk

Secret Santa, by Daniel Ritter

All Broken Up, by Amber Keller

I Heard the Bells, by Ramsey Lyons

Christmas Eve, by Amber Keller

Oh, Christmas Tree, by Daniel Ritter

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