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Fax, by David Little

Fourteen attempts and Rebecca’s fax still hadn’t gone through. Frustration didn’t seem strong enough to describe what she was feeling. She swore quite a bit.

She checked again that the fax didn’t need a 9 before the number. It didn’t.

She checked again that the fax at the other end was working by calling it from her mobile. It was.

That was it then; all over.

Rebecca looked at the fax in her hand. The final soul she had to collect was signed off but wouldn’t get to her boss.

The floor around her burst into flames and she fell…


Tug the Heart Strings, by Daniel Ritter

I know it’s not me. I’m not doing it. I’m not crazy.

Well, yeah, I mean, I am; my body is doing it. But it’s not me. Not my doing.

Even if it were me, against my knowing, then, when it happens, my muscles would flex, right? Because when you move, at all, that’s how it works.

It’s not that.

I feel it pushing …my bones… to articulate my arms around, and my legs. My jaw. It’s manipulating my bones to throw my body around.

So, it wasn’t me doing the killing.

It’s him, that distant puppetmaster.

He’s the murderer.

Drain, by Kirsten Mortensen

She first noticed the smell in her kitchen. Then in the bathroom.

And then she finally tracked it down.

It was the utility sink in the basement.

She held her breath to keep from gagging. Poured an entire gallon of Clorox down the drain.

 That should kill it, whatever it is.

But then that night she sat up suddenly in bed.

 That smell — I can’t breathe!

And it hit her —

 It isn’t a smell. It’s something else — something else —

She grabbed her car keys.

 I’ll go to Mom’s.

She pulled at the front door.

But the door would not open…

Elder’s Journey, by Maria Kelly

With busy hands, the Protectorate readied the slumbering gods for their journey to a new home. When the Astronomers observed the alignment of certain stars (according to their calculations) the craft were launched.

The Elder Gods went first.

The Astronomers were certain the capsules would remain unopened until they reached their destination: the planet they had seen in visions.

One of the Elders landed near an island on the new world.

The hatch opened slowly and Cthulhu emerged, stretched his scaly body and shook his tentacles. He lumbered off to explore his new domain and to search for tasty supplicants.

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Coat, by David Little

“Its a beautiful coat Elizabeth,” Suzy enthused.

Her friend spun around, causing the plum coloured coat that she wore to rise up and fan out. As she spun she watched herself in the three mirrors and felt good. It was the first time in many months when her life seemed to be back on track

“Pity about the blood stains,” she said stopping and opening up the coat to examine the streaks of blood from the shop assistants they had bludgeoned.

“Yeah,” Suzy agreed leaping to her feet. “Lets head over to the shoe store. I fancy some new Birkenstocks.”

A Girl With Brains, by Maria Kelly

“Men!” Barbara shouted indignantly, to no one in particular. “They’re so thickheaded. They only love my body and not my brains.” Barbara’s latest failed relationship had left her feeling somewhat jaded.

She pondered the absolute pointlessness of her love life. She’d had many lovers recently and none of them had understood or really satisfied her. But they were smart, and she’d learned something new from each one of them.

“After all,” she sighed, “I loved them for their brains.”

She lifted the oozing skull of her latest lover to her lips and, making loud slurping noises, sucked the brainpan clean.

Hunger, by David Little

Stewart looked forelornly at this stomach. The rumbling and gurgling sounds cut through the silence in his one room flat. His stomach was most definitely empty – he could feel the dull buzzing emptiness – and didn’t need the accompanying cacophony which assaulted his ears.

The fridge was bare, but he had long since stopped stocking food there. Ever since he had the experimental treatment to reduce his obesity his appetite for normal meat, vegetables and sundries had disappeared. Now he only craved human flesh and that was hard to come by.

Especially so, as he had recently eaten his own feet.


Upcoming Issue: Christmas Horror

Stories are to be 500-1000 words in length.

I’m looking for Christmas horror for this issue:  Elves, reindeer, possessed toys, pissed-off tykes out to get Santa. Or vice versa. Or North Pole inhabitants running amok causing widespread terror and mayhem for the rest of us.Christmas curses. Christmas stalkings…and that’s not coal in your stocking… but why is it dripping?

UPDATE: Scary remixes of Christmas classics make me very happy.

Can Santa/elves/reindeers/tykes be zombies/vamps/werewolves etc.? HELL YES!

The opening story will be the most creative one received.

Deadline for submissions is November 30th.

For more information, please read the Submission Guidelines and Call for Submissions pages. If you have any questions, put them in a comment  below or email them to me.

Merry Bloody Christmas,

The Were-Traveler