Issue 1: Hundred-Word Halloween

Welcome to this, our first issue of The Were-Traveler, where weird little stories find a home.

So… A little about the format. The Issue posts (like this one) will serve as an anchor for all the contributing posts. You can read what you want by clicking on the story links.

Once you get the idea of what kind of stories I want to publish here (the weirder, the better) please feel free to submit something. The themes coming up are listed on the Calls for Submission page.


Editor’s Post: A Love of Very Tiny Tales

Three Jack-O-Lanterns, by Daniel Ritter

Hunted, by Larry Kollar

Transplant, by David Little

The Trick and the Treat, by Helen Howell

Hospitality, by David Little

Grin, by Daniel Ritter

Unfinished Business, by Maria Kelly

Unseen, by Larry Kollar

Fax, by David Little

Tug the Heart Strings, by Daniel Ritter

Drain, by Kirsten Mortensen

Elder’s Journey, by Maria Kelly

Coat, by David Little

A Girl With Brains, by Maria Kelly

Hunger, by David Little

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