A Love of Very Tiny Tales


Why do they matter?

They’re too hard to write, you say.

They’re not, I argue back. And they matter because they’re cool. Just listen to any episode of The Drabblecast and you’ll get addicted to the Drabble of the Day.

What the foamy feck is a drabble?

It’s a short story, boiled down to it’s essence. Dialogue, plot, twist…all in one-hundred happy words. Drabbles were invented in good ol’ England. Here’s a bit of history, if you want to know more about their origins.

Short to write and easy to read. And while they are not easy to write, they’re not that hard once you get the hang of it. I’m telling you all this because there will be other drabble-themed issues in the future.

This Halloween issue has some pretty damn kick-ass drabbles. My favorite one appears first: Daniel Ritter’s “Three Jack-O-Lanterns.” It’s the epitome of a Halloween drabble and was exactly what I was looking for, spot on, for this issue. Great job, Daniel! The rest appear in random order, but Larry Kollar’s “Hunted” also struck a chord with me.

I’ll let you get to reading now. But before I go, I mentioned The Drabblecast and other drabble-themed issues. If you want a clue to what I’m thinking of, give Drabblecase Episode 119 a listen…especially a story by Jake Bible called “The Seven Deadly Drabbles.” I’m thinking about doing something along those lines very soon.

Now…let’s read some scary drabbles.

Happy Halloween!

The Editor,

The Were-Traveler

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