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Shinigami Stories: Reaping the Harvest of Souls—CONTEST ISSUEStories about the Grim Reaper. Stories can be any genre, though horror might be the most common one concerning the God of Death. If you could craft me a shinigami story that has sci-fi or fantasy elements, that would make my inner genre-blender lover boogie. Also, consider making the reaper a woman. Neil Gaiman did and it worked wonders for him. But don’t copy his version of Death. Make it your own. Also, no “Bleach” fan-fic or fan-fic of any other previous works featuring shinigami or a death god. As this is going to be a contest issue, I won’t be accepting Poetry, Drabbles, or Microfiction for this one. I will be accepting Flash and Short Stories ONLY. I will accept reprints, as usual, if the rights have reverted back to the author. One lucky author will win a prize for best story ($15). Two-runners up will receive $10 and $5, respectively for second and third place. I’m a broke-ass college student, but I’m also an author, and I know what it’s like to not get paid for your hard work. It’s been awhile since I could afford to do a contest issue, so I’m glad I’m able to do one again. Unlike the last issue, which was a reader’s poll, I may want to have judges for this one.Also, I would like 3-6 judges for this one. You can not be a judge if you are submitting a story. I will not be judging but will be available to the judges to help in the process. I also will not submit a story for this one as that would hardly be fair. I can’t pay judges, I’m sorry, but I’m willing to help you out. Judges will be featured on a page of their own in the issue, where they’ll have a chance to advertise their wares…weblinks, links to purchase books, etc. Email me if you are interested in being a judge for this issue or if you have any other questions. Award payments will be made via Paypal, so you need a Paypal account to receive your award. UPDATE: Deadline EXTENDED to December 30th, 2014.

Drabble Stories—100 Word Fiction: Science fiction, fantasy, or horror stories of exactly 100 words in length. Genre-blenders are given extra extra chocolate frosting points. That’s all there is to this one. Deadline February 28th, 2015.  


Mark My Words: Prophesy, Signs, and Portents. Drabbles (100 words), Micro-Fiction (101-750 words), Flash (751-1000 words), Short Stories (1001-2500 words), and Poetry (up to 50 lines).  Deadline April 30th, 2015. Weird tales of seers predicting horrific death, soothsayers on an outer galaxy planet predicting dire ends for their world, or kids playing with fate…their hands on the Ouija board. Not all fortunes are good. The best story here would be to give me a prophesy that sounds good to the hearer or client of the psychic, but ends up unexpectedly bad. Stories about seers or ESPers who demonstrate their abilities in strange ways would be wonderful. A tarot reader who uses unusual, or previously unknown types of tarot cards would also make an interesting story. Also, the prophesies in your stories don’t necessarily have to come true, but in that case, you better wow me with whatever transpires instead. Serious or humorous…chilling or otherworldly; give me thrills and chills, and something different. 

The Mythos Planet: Lovecraft Insired Sci-Fi Terror–Details/Deadline TBD. 

Hunter’s Moon: Werewolves, Vampires, and other Denizens of the Dark

Outskirts: Suburban and Rural Legends—Details/Deadline TBD

Kapow! Flash!—Superhero/Supervillian Flash!–Details/Deadline TBD 


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